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My background is shaped by all of the places that I have called home. I'm the proud son of Syrian immigrants, and was born and raised in between Van Wert, Ohio and Damascus, Syria. After earning my degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at The Ohio State University, I moved to Chicago to begin to pursue an acting career. And while Chicago was a very formative city for me, I soon learned that New York was where I truly belonged, as it's the only city I've ever stepped foot in and felt "ah yes, THIS is home."

I speak four languages fluently - English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, stemming from reasons of necessity, intrigue, and upbringing. I'm also currently trying to wrap my head around learning Japanese! It's... not easy. This multilingual and multicultural mind of mine has driven me to pursue work and art that focuses on human experiences from all over the globe. It's my passion, especially, to give voice to stories from people whose voices have been quelled by life's various circumstances. 

When it comes to theater, acting, and art in general, my primary motivator is to enhance representation and accessibility. I grew up in a small town, and while we had a community theater, doing something like seeing a Broadway show or a touring company was incredibly out of reach. Moreover, when I was growing up in the 90s, I never saw a single person who looked like me on American television screens and stages. I think giving that experience to an audience member - that is, giving them the opportunity to see themselves be truly and fully represented - is what makes art a powerful source of inspiration and vessel to be used for healing. And that's something that I want to provide to our current generations, being that it wasn't a experience that was afforded to me. 

A self-proclaimed nerd, I have an ardent passion for video games, especially strategic ones, and reading book after book after book. But, to counterbalance all this sitting and retina-burning, I'm also very into fitness, and you can frequently find me at a gym with weights in hand or on the knee-busting sidewalks of the city trying to beat my running PRs. And along this note, I have a love for circus arts, primarily aerial arts and hand-balancing, and that's something I like to train when time allows. Furthermore, I'm very into Tarot and would happily tell your fortune, if you're interested ;)

Often, I'm described as cool, calm, and collected, which I think is fair. And the more fond of you I am, the higher the probability is that I will lovingly tease you, which is a product of my Arab heritage. I'm also plagued with a very dry wit and love for sardonic humor. If you'd like to see and know more, please feel free to contact me.

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