I'm a Chicago-native-turned-New York-transplant and the proud son of Syrian immigrants. When acting found its way into my life, I instantly fell in love and have done as much as I can over the years to hone my craft and dedicate myself to it.

I speak four languages fluently - English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, stemming from reasons of necessity, intrigue, and upbringing. This multilingual and multicultural mind of mine has driven me to pursue work and art that focuses on human experiences from all over the globe. It's my passion, especially, to give voice to stories from people whose voices have been quelled by life's various circumstances. 

Another fun fact: I have a love for circus arts, primarily aerial silks and hand-balancing, and that's something I like to train when time allows. 

Often, I'm described as cool, calm, and collected, which I think is fair. I'm also plagued with a very dry wit and love for sardonic humor. If you'd like to see and know more, please continue perusing my website!